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LEPA Intel LGA2066 Compatibility

Intel LGA2066 Compatibility

As a reaction to AMDs Ryzen 7 and Threadripper CPUs, Intel pulled ahead the launch of Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs.   These new CPUs will use the LGA2066 socket (also known as R4 socket). As this ...

CXcoolant from Lepa

The CXcoolant is now available!

The CXcoolant provides a separated refilling coolant for the Exllusion 240.  This set consistiong of coolant and colorchanger makes it possible to refill and readjust the colors of the Exllusion 240 a...

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The powerful „Beauty Beast“

Just like during the previous water cooling models (Aquachanger), the Exllussion 240 is  made of very high quality equipment. But Exllusion 240 is one step forward and is not limited to power, but als...