The CXcoolant is now available!

CXcoolant from Lepa

CXcoolant from Lepa

The CXcoolant provides a separated refilling coolant for the Exllusion 240.  This set consistiong of coolant and colorchanger makes it possible to refill and readjust the colors of the Exllusion 240 again.


The coolant is added with a special liquid to prevent corrosion and reducing the freezing point to -5°C. The CXcoolant is perfectly suited for servicing and storage of water coolers. The CXcoolant can refill the Exllusion 240 once completely. One bottle of CXcoolant aready comes with the Exllusion 240.

Availability and Price

The LEPA CXcoolant is commercially available for MSRP € 14.90 (VAT included).